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Welcome to the Rang De Chapter community!


Rang De Chapters have been established in cities across India and abroad in order to spread the awareness of Rang De and microcredit. The chapters enable individuals to participate in this movement. Through this platform Rang De's social investors and volunteers work towards Rang De's mission of making affordable micro-credit available to every low income household in India.


This portal aims to bring together the members of the various Rang De Chapters by allowing them to showcase their activities and communicate with members of other chapters.


Rang De Inter-Chapter Conference Calls


Every month, one chapter takes up the responsibility of organizing a conference call (on telephone) of core members from all chapters.

The call is moderated by the chapter organizing the call and it also helps in defining the agenda for the call.

Discussions and actions items from a call have been put up on our Rang De Inter Chapter Conference Call page.


Rang De Chapters: Visit individual Rang De Chapter pages to see what they are up to and how you can contribute!








     Student Chapters


  • PSG Institute 
  • Symbiosis Institute of Operations & Management, Nashik *
  • IIT Kharagpur *


* Getting started, links will be updated shortly


Latest News


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