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Join-Create a Rang De Chapter

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Rang De appreciates your enthusiasm towards its vision (which has brought you to this page).


Joining a Rang De Chapter

  • You can join a Rang De chapter if you are a resident of the particular city and there is a Rang De chapter in that city. The same can be found out on the Rang De Chapters Homepage.
  • An email can be sent to the Member Coordinator of the Rang De chapter you wish to join. The details can be found on the concerned chapter page.


Creating a Rang De Chapter

If there is no Rang De Chapter in your city of residence and you would like to create one, please do the following:

  • Drop an email to info@rangde.org. The Rang De team will get back to you. We will connect you to anyone else that is interested in creating a chapter in your city.
  • The Rang De team will get back to you when there are more volunteers in your city waiting for a chapter to be formed. Typically a group of three or four people is sufficient to start a chapter. There will be a kick-off call to clarify any doubts you have and to interact with other volunteers.
  • After the call, you can create a Google Group "Rang De <your city> Chapter" to start communicating. Decide on a place to meet the other members in person.
  • During the first meeting it would be good to:
    • Allocate responsibilities to people (if they wish to take up any) such as:
      • taking charge of this portal and social media
      • a member coordinator that communicates with everyone
  • Create a page on this Portal for the chapter. The chapter page can be created by following the steps below:
    • Click on "Create a Page" on the top of the sidebar
    • Name the page "Rang De <your city> Chapter"
    • On the more options menu, click the "Use a Template" Radio box and select "Rang De Sample Chapter Page" in the drop down menu.
  • Publicise the chapter on social media and start campaigning away!

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