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Vandavasi Field Visit - Rang De Bangalore Chapter

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About the Event:

The RangDe Bangalore Chapter went on a field visit to Vandavasi on Oct 28th, 2009. A group of eight people set out for a five hour trip early in the morning and came back with a rich experience and knowledge on how microcredit works on the ground.


Event Details

  • Date and Time: 31st October,2009

  • Venue: Vandavasi, Tamil Nadu

  • Organisers: Rang De Bangalore Chapter and ASSCOD


Links to Any Media related to the event



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Video to follow soon...



Your comments on the event are highly appreciated and will be very useful for Rang De chapters to run its campaigns. If you have made a social investment because of this event, please share your experience in the event and what it was that inspired you to make a social investment. Thank you!



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