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What is a Rang De Chapter

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In Brief:


A Rang De Chapter comprises of a group of volunteers and social investors of a city (in India or abroad) that would like to do more than making a social investment to fulfil Rang De's vision of making affordable micro-credit in India a reality.


Chapters support Rang De by spreading the awareness about Rang De and micro-credit within their city, blogging about Rang De, and through any means they chose to.


What Rang De Chapter Members are currently doing to support Rang De:


  • Field Visits

    • Arrange regular field visits for Rang De social investors to evaluate borrowers and loan processes.


  • Develop relationships with companies in their cities

    • Contact CSR departments of companies in their cities

    • Organize awareness events (information session, stalls)


  •  Arrange social events for chapter members

    • This is for chapter members to interact more, understand each other and work together constructively to make a difference! Possible activities include

      • Socially relevant seminars, workshops, plays etc
      • Periodic activities such as lunch/dinner, movies, theme parks, sports arcade etc.


  • Document chapter activities

    • On this portal

    • In media such as:

      • Facebook group for a particular chapter

      • Chapter Blog (if there is one, otherwise they can write on the Rang De blog)

      • Chapter Google Group

      • Any regional media



How Rang De Chapter members can support Rang De: 


Chapters can help Rang De by doing any of the following (not limited to the following though).  The Rang De team will help chapter members by giving support wherever it can.


  • Provide entrepreneurial training to borrowers

    • Identify members who can provide basic entrepreneurial training to borrowers within the region of a chapter.
    • Identify members who can evaluate business plans and give feedback to borrowers (to expand Rang De field mentorship program).
    • Work with field partners to identify local mentors for borrowers.


  • Market Products made by borrowers

    • Identify borrowers that have products that can be sold through channels
    • Arrange sales event or tie-up with local retailers to sell these products


  • Introduce technology to field partners and borrowers to improve their productivity 

    • Identify areas where technology can make an impact

    • Demonstrate the new technology and its benefits to field partners and borrowers

    • Organize a pilot project 


  • Develop relationships with local educational Institutions to spread awareness about Rang De and get volunteers

    • Identify local schools (senior classes) and colleges for partnerships

    • Organize information sessions, seminars, or workshops on campus

    • Get volunteers in needed areas

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