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Rang De Chapters FAQs

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Whats the purpose of this portal? 

This portal aims to showcase activities of all the chapters, so that everyone else can learn from these activities and try out something similar in their cities. Chapters might end up doing so much, that at sometime they might forget what they have done in the beginning (which would be really helpful for a new chapter).  Chapters might become more dynamic in terms of members joining and leaving (its hard to volunteer for a lifetime right? ) so new volunteers can continue just where the Chapter left off!


What is a Rang De Chapter?

A Rang De Chapter is a group of people living in a city that want to help Rang De by more than just making a social investment. Read more on how Rang De Chapters can help the cause of Rang De here.


What is the criteria to become a member of a Rang De Chapter?

Nothing - however, it is preferred that you are a Social Investor or a Rang De Experience Participant on RangDe.Org in order to understand the Rang De model and to give the Rang De team active feedback that would help us enrich the "Rang De Experience" as a whole.


How much committment is required to be a member of a Rang De Chapter?

As the Rang De Chapters program is a voluntary program, there is no requirement in terms of committment. However, a 2-4 hour committment on a weekly basis would be highly appreciated.


Will my expenses towards Rang De activities be reimbursed to me? 

Yes, but please be reasonable with your expenses and claims.


Its hard for me to go out and do acitvities on the ground. Is it possible to contribute online?

Oh yes it is! As RangDe.Org is an online portal we need publicity online and offline.  You can help by

  • Updating the Rang De Chapters Portal (this place!)
  • Writing on the Rang De Blog as a Guest blogger
  • Tweeting about Rang De using @RangDe, our Twitter ID.
  • Contributing to our Facebook Fan page by engaging the audience or otherwise

Just contact us at feedback@rangde.org if you are interested. We'll get back to you really quickly.


Got some other question in mind?

Just shoot an email to feedback@rangde.org. We'll get back to you really quickly and put the question up if necessary. Afterall, we're human beings and we do forget somethings!

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